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    Stupid Rookie

    If you are a fan of the Broken Lizard boys, then you will probably recognize this quote. It comes from Super Troopers. You can check out the clip HERE. It’s supposed to be a great joke…

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    Planning Ahead Tremors Quote

    I’ve always loved the movie Tremors. It’s pretty much terrible in every way imaginable, but it’s entertained me for years. It also had three sequels and a tv show. In the first one, the two…

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    Sergenian’s Reclamation Infographic

    Our client, Sergenian’s, had a unique service, where they would remove and recycle or responsibly dispose of the carpet they took out of their customers homes. It kept the carpet out of the landfills and…

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    Nerdy Love

    I opted to do something a little more personal for Valentines day this year.

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    Peanut Raisers

    Hellraiser has always been one of my favorite horror movies. They started not being as cool by the fourth or fifth one, and then I just stopped watching.